Vineyards Agency

Your Unique estate agencies, specialized in the sales of winegrowing estates

We have chosen confidentiality as regards the presentation of the estates in agreement with most owners. It's a policy we stick to and we want it to be followed. That is why you will find a very small percentage of our belongings in our marketing, the only estates which are listed are those whose owners ask for it on their own initiative.

The purchase of a winegrowing estate requires prefect knowledge of winegrowing. We think that it is necessary our contributors have a foothold in the field of winegrowing combined wiht their oenological, technical and legal abilities, which is the case in our winegrowing agencies.

We are in a possition to appraise an estate very accurately which enables us to explain to the investors the validity of their investments, the rentability they can expect from it. There are so many difference between the origins of wine and not only about prices that it is necessary to bring the purchasers of winegrowwing estates accurate answers.

To afford to buy an estate doesn't mean the guarantee of success. Right from the beginning it is important to be surrounded with technicianes and to be advised in wine making and we can suggest rentability prospects for example but later a trustworthy distibution network is necessary to run the estate as well as possible. The control of structures to ratify your commitment must also be taken into account.

The purchaser to-be will have to trace the technical and human history of the estate to invest in the necessary and well thought-out reorganisation of the vineyard while respecting the product and keeping its identity which appealed to him when he purchased the estate.

To purchase an estate is often the desire that a dream comes true, to act out of passion. We try our best to guarantee these investments. For some it is the archievement of a career, the fulliment of a whole life as they can produce their own wine and have it appreciated.

Our customers are mainly young people with diplomas in spcialized fields or older winegrowers who want to enlarge or diversify their estates or their range of products or investors who want to diversify their investments. There can also be international groups interested in the best of French culture and history to promote their brands at the international level (sush as in luxury, fashion, industry.....)

We can also provide other kinds of exploitation of forestry sites in farming or truffle-seeking for example.

Our passion and professionalism enable us to conduct a transaction to a sucessful conclusion, thus bringing satisfaction to our customers.