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Castles and Manors Agency

More than 4,000 ch teaux, manor houses, properties of character and scores of thousands of acres of forests and farmland surveyed, valued, sold or conveyed.

Since the 1970s, the Castles and Manor Houses agency has occupied a recognised leading position in the profession of surveying and selling stately homes, manor houses, estates and woodland. The company leads the field by its extensive knowledge and skill in ancient architecture, agriculture and forestry, as well as the law and technical expertise.

The partners are hands-on people, all members of the FNAIM (France s chamber of chartered estate agents). They are partners, with complementary experience consisting of a lawyer, a highly-qualified businessman and an agricultural engineer Behind them there is a solid team of accessible and efficient colleagues and in every area, close to the properties they are handling, experienced local agents.

The recognised quality of their advice on valuation and selling is based on their exceptional experience of the market. Their skill depends on:

  • The number of cases they have analysed;
  • Their ability to examine and master the technical and legal details which will be critical for your decision;
  • The number of sales they have made

With their effective national and international contacts, they have acquired a large and influential clientele, to whom they offer fast, quality service.

The properties entrusted to them are carefully presented on the market using the appropriate marketing strategy.