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The Domain is located in a quiet village with all shops and schools available, 40 km from theMediterranean , 20 minutes from Montpellier (airport and TGV), 25 minutes from Nmes (airportand TGV) .The area of approximately 250 ha is bordered by a small river, and the hills rising to 470 maltitude.At the foot of the hill lies the Mas dominant position in the valley.Mas is surrounded by oak forests to the west and north , farmland to the east and south(meadows, olive groves, truffle oaks ) .Mas includes various buildings constructed over the centuries successively for a roof surface of900 m , fully restored .The inner surface is approximately 1330 m , with approximately 540 m and 530 m Housing inoutbuildings (garages, boiler room , cellar, covered terrace , BBQ , ...) and 260 sqm Renovatedready to be developed according to future needs.The main faade has a beautiful terrace of 80 sqm covered plant arbor.PART AREA INCLUDES:GROUND FLOOR:1 . Vaulted kitchen 3.6m x 4.5m or 16 m2 . Vaulted dining room 6.5m x 5m or 32.5 m3 . Living room with arches and wooden ceiling 21.5mx 5.5m or 118 m4 . Reserve vaulted x 2m 3.7m or 7.5 m5 . 3.5m x 3.4m toilet is 12 m6 . Vaulted office 4m x 7.80m or 31 m7 . Vaulted 4.1m x 5.8m reserve is 24 m8 . Plant canopy ensuring all domestic distribution 2nvx and acting lounge 10m x 3.7 m 37 m9 . Main entrance leading into the canopy of 6m x 1.9m or 11.50 m10 . Archway 10m x 1.7m or 17 m11 . Archway 3.5m x 1.4m or 5 mA total ground floor 308 sqm.FIRST FLOOR :1 . 7.6mx 5.1m Bedroom 1 with bathroom 3.3mx 4m and 4.6mx 1m corridor of 55 m2 . Bedroom 2 5.1mx 5.4m with shower room of 2.3mx 2.4m , with playroom or office 5.3mx4.5m or 51 m3 . Bedroom 3 4.7mx 8m (including water 1.7mx 1.3mx 3.4m and 0.8m room ) is 37.6 m4 . 4.7mx 5.9m Bedroom 4 (including water 1.7mx 3.4m room ) is 27.5 m5 . 5.7m x 4.6m laundry room is 26 m6 . Wardrobe basswood 2m x 4.2m or 8 m7 . Bridge under extended a corridor ( access floor by stone staircase ) (12m x 1m ) + ( 2.8mx1.2m ) + ( 1.2mx 2.5m) + ( 7.7mx 1.6m ) 30 m canopy8 . Little tower9 . BackstairsTotaling 235 m on the first floor .TOTAL LIVING AREA ABOUT 543 M DEPENDENCIES (530 m)NORTH1 . Vaulted cellar to renovate 5.5mx 9.9m 54 m2 . Garage 13.1m x 4.7m or 61.50 m3 . 3.8m x 6.1m workshop is 23 m4 . Small attic 5.5m x 3.4m or 18 m5 . Reserve Workshop 5.7m x 4.9m or 28 mWEST1 . Covered the 1st floor of 1.3mx 2.3m 11.8m x7.5m + terrace is 91 m2 . Covered terrace (facing swimming pool) on the ground floor with toilet 7.2mx 11.3m or 81 mSOUTH1 . Workshop 3.2m x 4.1m garden is 13 m2 . 9m x 3m greenhouse is 27 m3 . Kennel 3m x 4m or 12 m, with its closed approx court. 80 m4 . Boiler ( wood fuel ), garage , loft or about 160 mEAST1 . Shelter 5m x 2.6m or 13m with BBQ and bread oven on terrace of 80 sqmTHE PARTY TO ARRANGE OF ABOUT 260 M It is a stone building , west side , with 3 levels formerly sheep and silkworm .As the entire farmhouse is renovated :- Roofs ;- The exterior and interior coatings;- External and internal joinery ;The ground floor of 118 sqm is complete and can act from living room .The destination of the first st 2 nd storied 130 sqm each, one volume, is not yet defined , but mayreceive, for example :- Rooms ;- A loft ;- An apartment or two (for staff , for example)- A video room.For these 2 floors remain Extension floors ( beams and structure are in place) according to futureuse. In fact, the soil can not be finished until the pipes are in place and these depend on thedistribution of spaces .RENOVATION OF THE MASThe renovation of the Mas was performed with the desire to maintain the typical architecture ofthese large houses Languedoc countryside, through the use of traditional materials and sometimesold (tiles , bricks, beams and lime).ROOFS are completely renovated . For frameworks chestnut wood and Douglas fir are the mostresistant of Woodland . The beam sections are identical to the prints ( minimum 20 but above 20x 30 x 30 and 30 x 15 ) , floor tiles are under 25mm , coated with an insulating film , supportedby rafters according 15x15 or 10x10 litters . For cover, tiled traditional, the whole bottom is newtiles ensuring a good seal, the tiles are superior to the old part and complement new tiles in thecolors mixed.THE FRONTSAlmost all the woodwork were replaced (except garage + boiler south ) through doors , windowsand new shutters solid exotic wood thick , built like before .THE INTERNAL JOINERYLargely replaced by chestnut doors , sometimes pine or walnut . The wardrobe is fully dressedlime .INTERIOR WALLSStone apparences in full and lime plasters , most are stained milk tinted pastel lime . Sometimesthe coating betrays the stone (view) , or the stone is spliced .HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONINGHeating and domestic hot water are provided by a wood boiler 90,000 + calories a boiler fuel100,000 calories ( fuel storage : 15,000 liters).Air conditioning is provided by 4 groups including 3 moderate the heart of the house (glass roof+ master bedroom).The septic tank is 5,000 liters.POOLThe pool is located in the southwest of the farmhouse , protected from the north wind by aretaining wall 4 meters high, surrounded by grass and terraces.It measures 17m x 6 m to a maximum depth of 1.6 m to 10 m long.The basin is dressed in glass paste.The filtration is optionally pre- fitted to a receiving operator for the treatment of water, and acalorie exchanger for heating water .IRRIGATIONPrivate drilling provides an abundant supply of 30 m / hour for farmland, as well as by the10,000 m surrounding mas .Nearly 3,000 m of main pipes distribute water inland.LAND1 . Olives :An orchard of 650 feet planted in 1972 to 2.7haAn orchard of 200 feet planted in 2004 to 0.8ha2 . Truffle oaks :An orchard of 495 feet planted in 2004 to 1.8haAn orchard of 525 feet planted in 2005 to 1.8ha3 . Alfalfa for about 13ha4 . Mediterranean forest for the rest of about 230 ha , mainly oaks.5 . Garden of 400 sqm attached


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